Microsoft Research P.H.D Fellowship program for Africans Students 2022/2023

Microsoft Research Fellowship in the USA for 2022-2023

Criteria for Microsoft Research Ph.D. fellowship: 

If you are interested in showcasing your talent and joining Microsoft to receive the best training from the experts at Microsoft, make sure that you are rightly aligned with the given-below criteria: 

  • The mission of Microsoft is to boost every organization and every individual on the planet so that they can tap their full potential. This mission needs to be supported by scholars, and they must welcome the opportunities for promoting inclusive and diverse cultures within communities. 
  • Microsoft Research Ph.D. fellowship scholars need to be registered at any University in Africa. 
  • The research proposed by the candidates needs to be closely related to one of the MARI themes that are mentioned below: 

(i) AI/ML/NLP/data science: Data is often biased and scarce in several useful applications. Understanding the ways to operate under such settings and then offering positive results possess a powerful impact on several practical problems. This gives an in-depth understanding of learning data. Right from practical applications like NLP up to interpreting the generalization and fairness of results and improving the understanding of the possibility with the remaining data for a particular problem, it is essential to know the ways to work efficiently with the data limitations. 

(ii) Health: Evolvement in ML and AI give us a chance to address the distinctions in the delivery of and access to top-notch healthcare for every individual. Thus, it is important to understand and explore the spaces where technology can serve as a boon and fill the gap right from assisting the practitioners in attaining their roles effectively up to bridging the gaps between the patients and services. Technology can scale the delivery and make quality healthcare accessible for everyone. 

(iii) Sustainability: The dedication of Microsoft to sustainability will be attained by leveraging AI and Cloud to transform the way we supervise, model, and eventually help to solve environmental problems. In MARI, analytics and AI are being applied for understating and developing solutions addressing sustainability challenges. In case you are enrolled in any African University and undertaking a Ph.D. program in AI, ML, statistics, or any associated field having a focus on sustainability, you are welcome. 

(iv)  Human-computer interaction: Individuals in HCI are being sought to explore the design and usability questions in the fields of Society, Sustainability, and Health. In short, the HCI interns conduct and lead research studies, literature reviews, design interventions, and usability studies. 

  • The students need to be entering their 2nd year or beyond of their Ph.D. program between August 2022 – July 2023 and must have considered authorized leaves of absence, transfers, or others. 
  • The Ph.D. students need to stay registered at the University at the academic year 2023’s beginning or need to forfeit the award. If you need to leave during the period, it may affect the award.
  • The payment of the award will be made directly to the University, and it will be distributed based on the policies of the University. Microsoft will have complete control of the funds. 
  • Funding can only be put to use during the time of the recipient in the Ph.D. program. The individuals having an interest in getting this fellowship must ensure their starting month and year of the Ph.D. program along with their expected year and month of graduation. 
  • The recipient of the Microsoft Research Ph.D. fellowship must be disciplined and improper behavior, harassment, prejudice, or plagiarism will need to forfeit the funding. 
  • The Ph.D. scholars who want to submit their proposals must be able to speak and write in English. 

Some of the popular benefits of this Microsoft Research P.h.D fellowship are discussed below: 

  • $ 15,000 is being offered through Microsoft Research P.h.D. Fellowship for helping to complete the research as part of the doctoral thesis work for the academic year 2022/2023. 
  • The qualified candidates are going to be given a paid internship of 12 weeks with the MARI (Microsoft Africa Research institute). 
  • The candidates will be allowed to establish a relationship with the teams of research at Microsoft and get the right mentorship.