Application For Promotion Interview For Upper Grade Non-Teaching Staff In The Ghana Education Service.

Applications are invited from suitable qualified serving non~teaching staff for consideration for Promotion to the grade of

  • Accounting class
  • Internal audit class
  • Non accounting class administrative class
  • Cartering class
  • Technical class.
  • Librarian class
  • Supply class
  • Laboratory technician class
  • Secretary class
  • Driving class


An applicant should have been promoted to any of the about mention grade or before 1 September 2018 and should have been continuously at past since that date (except for period of approve absence) and most have very sactifactory work history with good conduct in the Ghana education system.

Mode of application :

Each applicants should complete the application form online and upload a passport seized photo as well

An applicant should upload only last application letter or upgrading letter or appointment letter

All documents upload should be in pdf format except passport seized photo

The application form should be uploaded to the website be the October 14 2022

Note :only the newly updated application forms attached will be accepted the application forms should be assessed on(